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     ScanEarth is an app for iPhone that, by processing digital topographic data, shows information about the topography around the viewer merging the real image provided by the device’s camera with virtual images generated by the app. ScanEarth uses a combination of GPS, gyroscope and magnetometer data to know the location and perspective of the viewer and displays the appropriate images and data on screen. The computing is done in real time and the data is shown continuously on screen as the device moves and points to targets around. ScanEarth can locate the viewer on any place in the world showing the relief around and generating virtual images of the orography as if you were really there. The info displayed includes distance, latitude, longitude, altitude and other of the target pointed. It is also possible to take pictures with a layer of data superimposed.








The configuration screen allows to select the measure units for longitudes and degrees, colors for the interface and starts the camera calibration process. A value for modeling athmospheric refraction can also be configured here which changes visibility of far objects.





A world map allows selecting the area of interest by dragging and zooming in or out. Then the map can be downloaded.





In the camera screen, the relief is shown and indicators of viewers’ position and target change as the image is slid or the device is moved around (whith gyroscope active). Coordinates of the target as well as distance, altitude and bearing, among others, are displayed in this screen.





Points of interest and paths can be recorded in this screen too, giving them a name. Different colors are used for points or paths in sight or behind obstacles. A rule of longitudes marks a reference of height and distance at target’s position.





Toolbars at both sides of the screen can be shown to allow quick access to main functions without the need of display the menu. Depending on the context, indications on how to proceed are displayed in a red message.





It is possible to locate the target on a satellite map as well as the recorded points and tracks. A toolbar gives easy access to main functionality. On it, coordinates of the target and its altitude are shown. Two rules give a distance reference in both NS and EW directions.





An offline map is available too, showing the topographic relief in colors of the area around the target and with a functionality similar to the satellite map. Coordinates of NW and SE corners are shown too.





Real images from camera can be displayed. For an accurate scan on real images, the app allows to adjust the overlay of relief lines on the real image to get a perfect match. It is done by sliding and/or rotating the image. Then it shows the target’s data more accurately.





The relief lines can be colored in a scale of altitudes as shown in this image but the user can select other criteria for coloring: colors on distance, monochromatic or setting a threshold of distances or altitudes.





A chart of the relief in the direction pointed can be displayed too. It can be configured for different distances, colors and location on screen. It is drawn in two scales for a better clarity.





(VIDEO 1) Downloading a map.





(VIDEO 2) Open map. Once on camera screen you can manualy scroll the image.





(VIDEO 3) Continuous scanning. Gyroscope scrolls image as you point targets.





(VIDEO 4) Change colors of elements on screen.





(VIDEO 5) Locate places and paths. Configure colors on distances or altitudes.





(VIDEO 6) Show gradients (slope of the terrain and its direction) and rule of distances. Show chart of relief in the direction pointed up to a configurable distance.




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